About Us

We are a global Information Technology & Marketing solution provider


We have built our business on honesty and accountability, we create the right environment for everyone to be honest with others.


Our customers can count on us. Through honest discussions, we are there when needed and even when they don't know they need us


We stand for quality products and services. We do not trade money for quality. Sticking to what is right even when not popular

Huki is one of the fastest growing and most trusted IT and marketing company.  The company was born out of a vision to create a company that can deliver reliably and superior  in an environment where quality, innovation and honesty trumps low prices. 



Huki has a deep industry understanding helping companies from different parts of the world achieve their objectives. 

Huki can bring the right people together that help people achieve their business goals. 


about huki

Our story: We are the missing puzzle

Huki is a fully registered company located in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.  As a startup, we belief in creating impact. changing lives and businesses. We are the missing puzzle, we solve problems that businesses cannot solve. We bring together marketing and technology to create cutting edge solutions. 

We in the business of solving business problems. One step at a time and with our partners, we belief in the world’s potential. We take people who are talented and make them into experts who solve problems. We look at problems and come up with solutions. We are the needle in the hay.  

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As Huki we help businesses achieve their objectives using marketing and information technology. Tell us about your project and we’re offer the best solution