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12 Top Reasons On Why You Should Spend More On Graphic Design

Top Reasons On Why You Should Spend More On Graphic Design This Year

We all love amazing graphic designs-the shiny things-and finer things in life don’t we?

The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.

Charles Eames

Graphic design is very important for your business . By the time a child knows how to speak, they have encountered one or two types of designs; from logos, websites to brochures.

The shape of the Weetabix package, shoes and even toys are all designed.

Did you know that user experience (UX) is solely based on design? Unfortunately, a report by visually noted that 97% of websites fail at UX. Besides you will get better results in your digital marketing efforts if you use better images and designs.

Result oriented entrepreneurs understand that design is important from inception to launch in any marketing campaign.   The designs in your products define your audience. 

Consider graphic design as the suit for your products or services. People who wear suits look differently. Besides, there is no denying that first impression matters.

Let’s narrow this down and look at why graphic design is important for your business.

1. First Impression

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design.   

importance of graphics design for business

In anything you do, you only got one chance to make first impression. People will always remember what you did in your first meet up, interview or session. Your customers will love, remember and appreciate what they see of your brand in the first 0.5 seconds of seeing your products. 

In fact, your business’s perceived value rests on your designs and the impression you make for your customers in their first encounter. The story you tell through your designs should influence your competitors and captivate your customers.

From your website and mobile application to your advertisement, you should use design to create a lasting impression.

2. Graphic Design to Improve Sales

Bad designs can be very costly for your sales team and company. The designs you get from your team should be ready for print and publishing.

People are attracted to nice looking things be it your product packages or your advertisement flyers. Going for cheap designers may sound economical but it is costly in the end.

increase sales with good design

We encourage you to spend more today on design to spend less on acquiring your customers. Did you know that good design can lower your marketing budget by more than 7%? Try it today.

3. Persuade/ Convince Customers

At the very least, design is an art of persuasion where the designer users color and images to tell a story.

A well designed logo, website or product communicates more about the brand than a poorly designed product. Graphic design is the secret sauce for businesses to create a feeling of connection with the potential customers.

4. Graphic Design for Brand Awareness

create brand awareness through graphic design

Your logo is the first product from graphic design. Professionally designed logos or products increase your brand’s visibility by catching the attentions of your customers. 

Besides, when we see an attractive product we remember the brand behind the product or service.  Whether you are the best in your industry or not, going bad on design could kill your survival. 

Entrepreneurs who understand the power of design, leverage it to beat their competition.

5. Increase Productivity

Did you know that graphic design influences the productivity of your employees?  Good design is a source of motivation for employees.  Low productivity has always been a constant worry for companies of all shapes and sizes.

You can overlook the designs in your flyers, brochures and business cards when checking the cause of low performance. Besides, chaotic and disorganized designs make it difficult for you to print or even take pride in your work.

6. Tell your story

How do you tell your brand's story?

Design tells the story of you brand in a visual way.  Before starting any design, you have to ask yourself, what story do I plan to tell?  Should the story be sad, romantic or fun? Whatever is in your mind, you can use graphic design to tell your brand’s message. 

Go Pro for instance tells an exciting and extreme story. Nike tells a story about their attitude about athletics.  Think about your brand’s vision, mission and value. Use graphic design to tell that story.

So how does you use graphic design to tell the story of your brand?  First brainstorm and name all the words that you would associate with your brand.  Using graphic design to tell a story improves engagement and understanding for your brand from potential customers.

 Think about everything you love and the story that each of those things have.  You want to turn this benefits into visual elements of color, image or type. 

Choose colors that create the mood of the story you are telling.  Image which convey this message with the images you choose as well. Coca-Cola has done an amazing job at telling the story of happiness from their print ads to their designs.

7. Professionalism

Creating a culture of professionalism at the work place can be achieved through graphic design. High quality graphics create an environment where people are held to high standards because they have to work and achieve the set goals.

Call it what you like but a company with good graphics gives a different picture about professionalism than a company with poor pictures.

8. Content Readability

You can reinforce the readability of your content by using graphic design. In fact, the reader gets bored within 2 seconds of reading an article with poor images or graphics. Text and design go together.  

The font, the typography and texture in your design define and influence readability in your project.

Images, formatting and font influence readability. Readability matters in marketing especially for SEO and conversions.  Google for instance pay attention to how a website is design and the type of images given in a site.

In fact, companies with good graphic design in their advertisement or print ads tend to rank higher than their competitors.  Content with good design tends to be more readable than content with poor designs.

9. Kill Boredom

Kill that boredom with better design

How do you feel looking at nicely designed flyers, brochures or websites?  Reading content with good graphic is not boring.   Graphic designs can be used to trigger the reader’s emotions by creating different moods. 

To creating interest and feelings of excitement, the graphic designer should select the images and colors well. If you want to entertain your customers, you must hire graphic designers who understand what they are doing.  

A great writer can make content engage and so is a great designer.  So when you are working or hiring a graphic designer, you should pay close attention to their creativity and sense of humor.  Who said that graphic designers can’t entertain?

If you have a blog and want to reduce your bounce rates, perhaps you should start by following graphic design rules.

 Did you know that people use nicely designed mobile app not because they are more efficient than other apps but because they are not boring.  

10. Increase Engagement with Graphic Design

Although things are changing every day, many people spend most of their time looking at the designs of products and advertisements.

Considering how much time the average consumer spend shopping or dealing with advertisements,  what impact does graphic design have on customer or employee engagement?  

Graphic design creates authenticity by reflecting your brand’s culture and it allows potential customers to take time and understand what makes your brand unique.

11. Reduce Bounce Rates

How do you lower bounce rates?

The word bounce rate became popular after the introduction of SEO.

“Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from that site after viewing only one page.”  

Even though this definition mainly focuses on website, here at Huki we tend to define bounce rate on a bigger scale. We view bounce rate as the percentage of people who after viewing your products or services go out looking for alternatives.  For example, when a person visits a shop and walks out of the shop, then that shop has one bounce rate. 

Content or products with poor graphics design creates dissatisfaction leading to higher bounce rates.  If you want your customer to stick around your shop and purchase your products or services, invest more on good design. 

Traditional business people are inflexibly to the power of graphic design. But if you do not see the impact of graphic design as it is, then you risk going out of business.

12. Build Trust with Graphic Design

For users, trust means that a company is real, moral, fair and a producer of quality products.  Consumers who do not trust a company will not buy from it and will tell others about their experiences.

Graphic design is important in creating user confidence especially when people are about to spend on your products or services.

For example, a website with good design allows people to feel confident about your products or service.

In fact, they are more willing to pay through a well-designed website than through a poorly designed website.  

But good design does look good, it is good. It communicate complex information easily. Whether you like it or not, you judge a book by its cover.  Bad graphics in your products or notebooks will not inspire confidence in consumers.  

Research done by Nielsen Norman group noted that users see attractive product as more trustworthy.

This concept is known as aesthetic usability effect.  Another report done by Google in 2012 suggested that people will judge a website design in 2 second before they start using it.

To Wrap it up

If you want to get the best out your business there is not substitute for spending more on professional graphic design that brings the results you want.

How has your business benefited from producing better images or spending more on design?

Share in the comments below.

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