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viselance website designed and developed by Huki Digital

Project year: 2019

Viselance is a content marketing company located in Fresno, California.

Services offered

  • Digital marketing (seo)
  • Content Development (blog writing, website content)
  • Website design & development


Together with Viselance, we set out to develop a website that would allow customers to place their orders online by connecting with suppliers from different parts of the world. Creating an efficient and scalable website from scratch was proving to be difficult for the budding company. In the end, Viselance was looking for a way to allow customers to purchase both education and business content on the platform without struggling.


Huki Digital created a web app for Viselance which would allow customers to place an order and get instant quotes and even finish the payment online. The system would even allow the customers to chat with the suppliers one-on-one without the need for other third-party connections.

With the web app automating many processes in the purchase process, the company was able to focus on marketing and other key areas to grow their business. Security was a key priority for Viselance and thus we made sure that all concepts are followed.


Legacy: PHP, Javascript, Nodejs, Mysql, JSON, XML, Html, CCCS3, Ajax, Lavarel, codeignitor


The web platform created by Huki Digital allowed Viselance to enhance messaging between buyers and suppliers, improve security during checkout and automate the purchasing process.

The most innovative thing is that after few months of support, the company can now do its own updates without the need for external support.

Main Solution Advantages


Viselance’s first demand was that they wanted a web platform that would be secure for payment and data security purposes.


Viselance can now send and receive all notification on email when a supplier has purchased something or when a buyer has an issue.

Ease of Use

The platform is easy to use even for the non-tech savvy individuals. This does not close out on many customers who may be frustrated by complicated platforms.

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