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Conversion rate optimization

CRO or conversion rate optimization may be a new name for your business.  But do not worry, here at Hukidesigns, you get one-one guidance on what CRO is and why you need it.

What is conversation rate optimization?

Many companies have websites, but few of those are getting enough revenue from their online platform.  You may be getting traffic, but if your web pages are not optimized for conversion, you may not get the sales you target.

This is especially important for e-commerce website, apps or even business websites.

Why does you company need conversion rate optimization services?

From our analysis, there 5 reasons why you company needs conversion rate optimization:

  1. To reduce your customer acquisition– when you increase your CRO, you will reduce your customer acquisition cost because many customers will convert.
  2. CRO helps you to maximize profits– Your profits are critically tied to your conversation rate because you will not be paying more to acquire these conversions. All the profits will go to your bottom line
  3. More conversion means more money which can be used to acquire new users plus you already understand which funnel to focus on.
  4. Paid advertising is becoming more expensive and improving your CRO reduces your advertising cost while giving you an edge over your competitors
  5. Get more of the right customers- It’s not just converting any person.  Your business needs to convert people who will love your products and tell others how awesome you are.

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We help clients from all over the world

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Why our clients use us

We work with clients from all over the world: We work with clients from any part of the world.  We look into your region and optimize your website to its specific audience.

We do what’s the best for your business:  When we agree to work with you, we lay all the ground work that best fits your business. We do not take commission from software we recommend or use. We do what’s best for your company.

We are the fastest growing digital start-up:  Businesses love us andwe focus on dealing with data driven optimization strategies.

We guarantee your money back:  Working for you is risk free endeavor.  As a professional digital agency, we guarantee a 7 week money back guarantee if you don’t see results.

Our Mission: To make your business win

We are dedicated to learning everything there is about converting your visitors to customers.

Conversion rate optimizers are not like marketers.  While marketers focus on brining visitors to your website, we focus on brining and converting those visitors to buyers.

We use A/B testing to do everything scientifically.  A/B testing shows you what works for your customers or your specific audience.

Marketers who don’t use A/B testing will cause your business to lose money.

Our Values

Helping client become the best

When you move to a new town, you do not ask for the average vacation hotel. You ask for the best.  Everybody wants to work for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of CRO is subjective and it depends on your current state of business, the level of work needed and the size of your company. It ranges somewhere from $ 1500 to $ 15, 000 per month
Yes. We work for results and that is why we guarantee your money back if you do not see some results after 7 months
Our methodology is proven and unique. Before we do anything, we have to understand your business goals, where you intend to be in one year as well as what you have done. Then we follow a 70 step process to make sure that your website is optimized for conversion.
One a scale of 1 to 100 % , CRO is 120 % important for any serious business.
Yes. We have worked with brands in different parts of East Africa and in other parts of the world such as Australia, UAE and even in the US.
We follow a standard process that is not practiced anywhere else. For this reason, we work with our trained experts in house one step at a time.

What to do

If you are interested in know whether we are the best fit for your business ask for a free quote and we will get in touch with you through email or one of our consultants will make a call at the best time.

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