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Corporate Branding Services

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Your business’s vision is communicated through uniquely designed logos and best of class branding services for your services or products.  To capture your target market and potential customers, you need to invest in corporate branding.

This means that your business logo must capture public imagination and should drive a story with the logo design.  Corporate branding is very important for startups and growing brands. The most important thing for your business starts with getting the logo right. Your brand’s image reflects the culture of the organization and helps to instill the philosophy, values and objects of your clients.

Branding impacts everyone who comes across your organization- from customers to partners to employees. It increase sales, customer acquisition and attracts talented employees.

Why is Branding Important in Kenya?

branding services Kenya

Many startups and even some established businesses do not know how to brand.  They use random ideas, logos and business cards.

Branding, however, is the feeling people get when they encounter your products or services.  It is about leaving a lasting impression for your audience.

You only have 3 seconds to make a lasting impression for your customers.  They judge your brand, logo, content and products.  This will mean if they will trust your brand or not.

Did you know that people from brands they trust. In fact, 99% of customer have confessed that they are more likely to buy from a brand they trust. Marketing can trebly fail if your branding efforts are poor. With the competitive landscape, your customer have many options from which to choose.

Should hire Huki Digital for Corporate Branding services?

If you are reading this now, most likely help right now.

Some startup ignore the role branding plays in their growth.  However, since you are not an expert you may not know the best colors for your logo, a good design for your website and how to match the design with your company’s strategic vision.

It is for this reason that Huki Digital Corporate Branding services exists.

With Huki Digital, we will assess your business and work hand in hand to build your dreams to life.

Our Corporate Branding Process:

  • Tell us about your business

    The first step to any branding is for you to fill a questionnaire so that we can understand your business and its vision.  In the questionnaire, therefore, you will be able to specify about your vision, your competition and target market. You will also inform us of any brands you like so that we can

  • Brand Experts Begins work

    After the initial meeting, our experts begin to work on your branding projects.  The timeline will depend on your expectations and as agreed in the contract.  Expect constant communication at this stage because we have to build a brand that is consistent with what you and your customers love.  

  • Review the drafts

    We hope that we do everything in the first draft. But if this does not happen, do not worry. We can make changes to anything if need be. At this point, it is important that you give us true and blunt feedback for the team to consider all possible scenarios.

  • Final Project

    After making the edits to the draft, we send the files for your project.  We include files with different sizes and colors.  For example, we create logos in different sizes and sometimes mix it with different colors.  This will now have started you on the journey to building a strong brand.

Our Corporate Branding Practices

We stick to the three rules of building a great brand”

  • Consistency
  • Target Customers
  • Imagery/ Design


Creating brand logo & Name

we design your brand logo to match your goals and industry standards

Managing communication offline and online

We take charge of your brand’s communication both online and offline

Branding management

We have brought together all the right players, now we begin maintaining the brand

Creating brand story

Based on your mission and value, we come up with a consistent brand story

Print Ad, Catalog or Brochures

From your company business card to flyers and banners, we take care of everything so that you can concentrate on important things

Tracking campaign effectiveness

Using user response and analytics, we measure and make adjustments.

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