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Dedicated Teams & IT staffing

IT staff augmentation in Kenya

Is your company or project struggling with tech talent shortage, end your stress with Huki Digital’s staff amplification services. Our software, web, IT consultant and mobile application team will enhance your capabilities and allow you to achieve business innovation within your set strategies

Engagement Model

We believe that your company can focus on its core strengths and leave IT to the experts.  We are different from others.  We understand tech and we understand all the struggles that companies pass through in their efforts to get the right talent.

Prototype to MVP

Huki Digital delivers a full cycle IT development services.  We understand your needs and provide you with the project plan, timeline, and costs

Dedicated Team Placement

Need a team of expert developers for your new project? We’ve got you covered.  We  can get the right candidate for you as soon as you request.  We provide location flexibility which comes with modern office facilities for the entire team.  We only bill you for the hours worked on your project

Talent Recruitment

We help to build your IT team by bringing together the  best in the field and those relevant to your project.  We deal with all recruiting needs from finding the talent to training.


Our workforce solution is the real deal

Bring together the right team wherever you are, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America or China

Our Capabilities

No matter how complex your project is Huki Digital offers the right skills at your location.

  • Front end developers
  • Back end developers
  • Product managers
  • Project managers
  • Database assistant
  • Data scientists
  • Full stack developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • QA engineers
  • System administrators
  • Scrum master
  • UI & UX designers
  • IT consultants
  • Ios Developers
  • Android Developers

  • Vetting

    We find the right individuals with the right education, location, skills and personality

  • Technical Interview

    The tech team interviews the candidates to ensure that they have the right skill level per our score

  • Cultural Evaluation

    The Hr manager checks to see of the individuals have the right cultural fit for the customer.

  • Project Assignment

    We bring the right candidates to each specific projects

  • Process improvement and project management

    We review the process and manage the project while taking feedback from the client to track the quality of service offered.

Payment Options

One-time fee

You pay a one time fee and secure the talents to your company’s payroll

Our Payroll

 Remove the stress and reduce overhead costs related to full time hiring and work with the talent on our payroll.

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