Huki Point of Sale Software Kenya

Huki Point of sale software in Kenya is the leading software for small business management. The software has the following features:

  • Payment integration
  • Stock management
  • Bar code scanner
  • Mobile payments
  • Reporting
  • Multiple locations and branches
  • Different businesses such as supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies etc

The Huki Point of Sale system can be used for any business:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Consulting
  • Salon & beauty spa
  • Liquor
  • Hardware
  • Web hosting
  • Restaurants
  • Repair shops
  • Electronic shops
  • Mobile stores

Best Point of Sale Software [POS] in Kenya

Point-of-sale software in Kenya is in high demand.  If you need a POS or point-of-sale software in Kenya, there are a few things you need to know. Whether you are running a restaurant, a pharmacy, a barber shop, a supermarket an electronic ship with multiple locations, POS software will be used to manage your sales, accept payments and know how your business is performing.

What is a Point-of-Sale Software?

Point-of-sale software in Kenya is an application business owners use to manage their physical, online or hybrid stores. Point-of-sale software is common in supermarkets. The application is used to find products, add them to the order cart and collect payments.

Many POS systems provide helpful decision-making tools for inventory management, sales reporting, and SMS marketing.

Many small business management software, like the Huki Group POS, is built for business people who sell online and offline. It will connect to your eCommerce ship and let you run your business from one place instead of using different POS systems.

Is POS software different from POS systems?

Yes, POS software and POS systems are two different things. To start with, point of sale (POS) software is an application. For example, the Huki Group POS app is POS software. After it is installed on your desktop or laptop, it becomes a POS system.

Although the Huki POS is just that, it becomes a POS system when combined with the hardware. Your POS system (the hardware and the software) is what you use to search for products, track products, sell and accept payment, and make sales.

What are the Advantages of point-of-sale Software in Kenya?

A POS system helps you run your business like a professional. It makes it easy for you to manage and grow your business.

Below I will list a number of benefits that come with having point-of-sale software in Kenya:

1] Manage Your Inventory in One Place

If you have a physical or online store in Kenya, you are probably tracking your products through an excel file. But the wait is no more. One of the advantages that come with having a point of sale is that you can manage or track inventory or stock.

With the Huki POS, you do not need to manually count your products and move from one software to another. Inventory helps you know when to stock and restock products in real-time.

2] Shop Financial Reporting with POS

When your store data run through our system, it is easy to get a complete outlook or view of your small business. Instead of creating reports using excel or making assumptions, POS software helps build custom reports to have a complete view of your business’s sales, expenses, and bills.

Having a clear view of sales makes it possible for you to know the product that is selling most and those that are moving slowly.

3] Know Your Customers

When you have point-of-sale Software in your shop or small business, you will easily track, collect, manage and use customer data to make a better decision or even market to them.

With the Huki POS, for instance, you can create customer profiles and understand their history of purchases and the things they bought in your store. It is also easy to export the data and build custom reports.

The benefit of seeing your customer data is that you can market to the most active customers. Besides, your store employees can view your client’s profiles and gather important information about the customer to serve them better.  Your marketing team can also segment customers and create a list supporting your email campaign.

4] Accept Payments (mpesa, card)

Any point-of-sale software in Kenya should make accepting payment through M-Pesa, cash or bank straightforward when the customer order or buys the products. Huki point of sale comes with an integrated payment system allowing you to receive funds in your mpesa or bank account.

A point of sale should accept all payment types, such as

  • Cash- your point of sale software should accept cash deposits through your cash register
  • Debit cards- if you are running a supermarket or hardware store in Kenya, you should be able to accept card payments
  • Tap payments point of sale: Have or purchase a POS system accepting tap payments.
  • Credit sales: If you have a supermarket or small shop, you might give items on credit and expect customers to pay later. Your point-of-sale software should support credit sales.
  • Mobile Payments (Mpesa, Airtel Money): Collect Mpesa or airtel payments from your customers and get notifications in real-time.

What Features Should a Point of Sale system in Kenya have?

For the last five years of selling Huki point of sale, we have learned about the key features in any POS software.  POS software features vary from one industry to the others. Below are a list of basic key features

1] Integrated Payment Processing

A payment system should allow your small business in Kenya to accept all payments from cash payments, Mpesa or mobile money, and card payments. Working with third-party payment apps comes with major challenges because you must manually enter customer information. This increase the work you are doing to support payments.

Besides, third-party processing fees are high and may make your business unprofitable.

But the Huki POS comes with an integrated payment processing facility that is fully integrated with your point of sale software. All amounts collected are pushed to your bank account and you never have to manually request payment.

2]. Mobile Checkout

If you have been in Kenya long enough, you know it is frustrating to wait in line to pay cash. With Huki POS software, you can be sure to deal with this issue by bringing mobile money payment processors to your customers.

The mobile version of the POS helps you serve customers in a modern way. This reduces friction in the buying process which lead to smooth shopping experiences.


3] Centralized Stock Management


Although many POS software help manages your stock, many do not help small businesses in Kenya manage stock across multiple channels, store locations, and warehouses. But a good stock management software feature in your POS is important for knowing when you restock products.

Choose a point-of-sale software in Kenya that centralize your stock management in one place. Know which product to stock and avoid stocking. Get alters.


4] Business Reporting POS System in Kenya

Although most POS systems report includes data collected at your store, this can be a problem for a small business that sells products in person or online. If you have multiple channels, the last thing you want is useless data. You will be forced to create a manual spreadsheet to look into online store data when that happens.


Huki POS puts together in-person selling and online selling reports. The reports help you understand how your business is performing. With Huki POS software, you can monitor sales and key business performance information. How information is presented makes it easy for you to know what is or is not working.

5] Physical and Email Receipts

If you run a supermarket in Kenya, you want to give your customers receipts. If you have an electronic shop, you don’t want to issue manual receipts. The HUKI POS carries the cross for you so that you can automate receipting and receipt generation.

6] Invoicing

If you are a service provider, start using the invoice features and get paid using a payment link. Send digital invoices to customers and share them via email, WhatsApp, or as a link or pdf.


What Hardware does Point-of-Sale Software in Kenya Need?

If you have a small business, plan to sell at an event, or have a permanent store, you need to have POS software that can connect with the right POS hardware and track sales.

At the very least, your point-of-sale software in Kenya should be installed on a tablet or smartphone. To accept payment, you need a card reader.

The hardware items below are needed:

Desktop: The desktop is important because it will help you install the software and collect payments

Card reader: A card reader is needed for your point of sale because it helps you collect payments

Cash Register: This is for customers who pay cash. This helps you track cash at the end of the day

Receipt Printer (Thermal Printer): Although digital receipts are taking over, you will need a receipt printer to show customers what they have purchased and which store they have bought it from

Bar Code Scanner. Bar code scanners are used for supermarkets that have product tags. You can it to the checkout and help track your stock faster.



Features of Huki Point of Sale in Kenya

Business Management

  • Run multiple shops or businesses
  • Have many branches, warehouses, and store
  • Set taxes, discounts etc

Payment Collection

  • Accept Mpesa
  • Collect payments in real time
  • Get money to your bank or mobile money

Product Management

  • Bar code scanning
  • Low stock alerts
  • Sell variable or single products
  • Import products with CSVs
  • Connect thermal printer


  • Add and edit print purchase
  • Credit, paid and partially paid
  • Payment reminders
  • Tax discounts
  • Specify product expiry
  • Upload purchase receipts

Supplier and customer management

  • Add suppliers
  • Payment terms
  • Detail payment page

Staff or Cashier Management

  • Permission and roles
  • Commission agents
  • Assign business role
  • Staff salary and expense management