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Result Driven Seo Services

Do you want to build a great online presence for your website? Partner with the agency that delivers until you see results.

SEO services are rare but crucial to your business. Do you know what it takes to reach your customers online? You need to get found.

When people search for your company’s name, they should be able to reach you easily. If you have not done search engine optimization, then it will be a little harder for you to reach your intended audience.

You might have the best website or product, but if you can’t help people find you through SEO, then you are missing out on much.

Digital marketing will become important as the years go by.  If you want to be on the first page of Google Hukidesigns SEO is the place to go.

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What does seo mean?

Seo Experts in Kenya

Like other countries, Search Engine optimization is the process of improving one’s website such that when a customer types your keyword, your company appears on the first page of google.

Having worked with different organizations, Hukidesigns SEO services promise results. There are many SEO companies but only a few of those can promise to give you results.  However, it takes time and it involves different things.

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Why is seo important?

If you own a business or website, you want people to naturally know about it.  SEO is important because it helps you to improve your ranking while bringing you natural traffic to your website.  More traffic to your website means more sales from customers.

The SEO Company in Kenya

Seo company

Hukidesigns is an SEO company located in Nairobi and it prides itself with delivering results.  Unlike other companies, we help to build your brand step by step until you see the expected results. We have worked with international brands and we pride ourselves for taking one company from page 10 to page 1 on google.

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Superior on-page optimization in

The structure of your website and content is only the first step to good on-page optimization.  With Hukidesigns SEO, we perform the best on page optimization with our best techniques.

Working Content Strategy:  Our team at Hukidesigns inspects your website to optimize existing webpages to improve its visibility on Google. We will give you the secret to creating content that will keep your audience coming back.

Keyword Targeting: Our team will work with you every step of the way to generate the best performing keyword in the industry and create pages that deal with each specific keyword. We target keywords that will improve your sales depending on the user intent.

Our Seo services will increase your ranking and increase sales for your business. A good ranking business is worth 100 years old brick and Mortar Company.

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The process of search engine optimization

Our SEO process is pretty straightforward..

Search Engine Optimization Process in Kenya

Step 1: Competitive website analysis

  • We begin by analyzing your current website to know what should be done and what should be rectified.
  • Perform competitor analysis among your top three competitors using data tracking software.
  • We then do keyword research and identify the top sales driving key phrases in your industry
  • Then we create an actionable revenue goal with SEO plans.

Step 2: Optimize website content and structure

  • Install and optimize google analytics to track important metrics for your business
  • Improve your website’s speeds and check mobile friendliness
  • Optimize your website pages for visibility with creative content
  • Submit sitemaps and check links

Step 3: Create local citation

  • Audit and improve existing citations through sites like Facebooks, Google my Business and other industry-specific directories.
  • Improve your local citation and backlink opportunities

Step 4:  Measurement and analytics

  • Deliver transparent revenue and reports
  • Monitor analytics on a daily basis to look for penalties, and other SEO damaging events.

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Why should you hire hukidesigns’ SEO services?

Like any other SEO company , our company handles your online presence beyond simple Google ranking.

If you want to achieve any of the follow, then your company need an SEO company:

  • You currently don’t understand how your website contributes to your sales
  • Want to grow your online presence?
  • Hope to increase sales
  • ore leads
  • Enhance your company’s future
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Reach a maximum audience
  • Get your business and website found globally or even nationally

How much do seo services cost ?

Wondering how much SEO costs ?  Top SEO companies like Hukidesigns will not give you a direct quote because we have to understand your business before we do that. However, reputable SEO services cost from as low as KS. 100,000 for small businesses to 1.5M per month for enterprise clients.

 Of course there other cheap SEO companies, but you get what you pay for. If you pay a cheap SEO company that offers low costs, you might be putting your business at risk.

How does our seo service work?

SEO companies like Hukidesigns work with day to day monitoring and improving your online presence including making your website more visible in search results and differentiating your brand from your competitors.

SEO services for small businesses and corporates

If you are looking for the best SEO Company to do local search engine optimization for your small business, Hukidesigns is you’re only option.  Local SEO is the process of improving your website for customers.

Earning number one ranking in google could mean that difference between a potential customer converting or going to your competitors.

At Hukidesigns Local SEO Services for small business, we maximize you online presence on Google and other major search engines for your most important service.

Corporate seo services

As a corporate, you want your company to outperform its competitors in the area. Hukidesigns Corporate SEO services help you do just that.

Our corporate SEO services include:

On-page optimization- Our SEO department will work on you website to improve its content, its technical SEO and schema markup

Off-page optimization- Off-page optimizations is anything that happens outside your company’s website to improve your search visibility.

SEO reporting – You corporate will get a monthly SEO report customized to the most important metrics.





SEO services for companies

A dedicated account SEO managerYour Company will work directly with our own SEO experts through the duration of you SEO campaign. We approach each SEO campaign with company-specific plans and we treat you company different from other companies.

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Whitehat seo services

At Hukidesigns we engage in with White hat SEO strategies that will bring a return on investment. We do not promise overnight success and we do not buy links. Our content is not only make for Google but it is also made for your audience.

Frequently asked questions about seo

Yes. If you have a website but you are not working to improve your ranking, you are missing out on a lot of things.
Ksh 100,000 may sound like a big investment for a small business but if you’re ROI turns to Ksh 500,000. It’s surely worth the investment.
SEO is an on-going process and it can take something from 4 to 7 months of on-going work. However, for highly competitive keywords, it can take as long as 1 year to see any dramatic difference.
If you don’t need our full-service SEO, we can do consultation on an hourly basis. SEO consultation is Ksh 5,000 per hour.
No, we do not offer any guarantee when it comes to ranking. We only guarantee to improve your rankings and delivering the results.

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