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Software Development Services

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Solving business challenges with innovation. Software products built with a purpose

Looking to improve efficiency in your business?

 Leverage team’s experience and built the next big software systems.

Huki Digital delivers agile software development services and agile team staffing solution that builds a better future for your business

Enterprise Software Development

Achieve your goals with enterprise software that is suited to your business needs and growth. Our team will work with you to design, develop and deploy that unique software to enhance success.

Software Integration

Looking to integrate existing systems into one big system, we can help! Our integration solution includes IoT, Blockchain, enterprise application, point to point and cloud-based integration. We work with what you have to help you achieve the specific goals you have been targeting. We bring all the right tool together.

Software Consultancy

With Huki Digital, you can always leverage our expertise in executing IT systems and rest assured of making the right decisions. From IT administrators, to Q&A engineers, we've got you covered and we will reliably deliver anything or any talent when you need it the most.

Legacy Software Modernization

Already have a failing legacy software system? At Huki Digital, we analyze your system structure and come up with a quick solution to prevent losses. A failed legacy system can cost your business millions in revenue and even affect custom trust.

Our Development Process

  • Kick Off

    Business goal analysis Requirement gathering Prepare technical documents Sign Contract

  • Design

    UI/UX Design Database Design Architecture design

  • Discovery

    Deploy Scrum or agile  methodology Show  progress every two weeks Devops

  • Testing & Implementation

    User Acceptance testing Quality assurance testing Troubleshoot Deployment

  • Software Support

    Product deployment, Maintenance and support, Monitoring, General feedback.  

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