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Transcription is increasingly becoming popular as the use of audio and video content increases.  Transcription is the conversion of audio or video to text and it commonly known as captioning.

Why should you transcribe your podcasts or videos?

Improve SEO

Since search engines cannot read video or audio files, they use transcribed words to rank your content. This means that videos or audio files that have transcriptions rank better.

Help the disabled people access your content

Some people have problems with seeing or hearing. But they can equally get the message in your content through transcription

Improve user experience

Many of your customers may not have the time or ability to listen to the entire video. Offering your content as text also ensure that every audience is cared for.

Transcription for businesses or interviews

Transcription is the key to great business strategy. It is not only used in businesses but it also use in courts to analyze past conversations

Why work with Huki Digital

Huki Digital is an all-round digital service company and we understand what it takes to produce great text.

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First turnaround

We have a team of highly trained transcriptionist working around the clock to deliver what you need whenever you need it. Our team is trained to withstand pressure and deliver the highest quality of work.

Any transcription

Having worked with thousands of companies, we have an all-round transcription team Our experts range from general transcription, legal transcription, business transcription and medical transcription.


Although our offices are located in Nairobi Kenya, we work with clients from all over the world. We have a proven track record and we understand the global need to transcribers.

Types of Transcriptions

We deliver audio and video transcription in different industries.  You can trust us to transcribe your academic videos, conference proceedings, legal materials, police interviews, movies, commercials, motions pictures, corporate training videos, documentaries, podcasts, surveillance recordings, meetings and interviews.

Our Transcription process guarantees the highest rate of accuracy

  Step 1: Provide the details

Send an email of your files divided into sections and wait for our reply

 Step 2: Review

Our team then adds timestamps, editing and speakers tracking

 Step 3: Proofreading

After transcribing we then proofread the draft to ensure that the text is consistent with the audio or video file.

 Step 4: Quality check

The transcript is checked by a third person to ensure that is 101 % percent accurate.

 Step 5: Submission

We submit your video and give a call to ensure that everything is in order.

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